Bruce and Jeff - A successful fall archery Ontario black bear hunt!
Bruce and Jeff - A successful fall archery Ontario black bear hunt!

J & B Outdoors will fill a much needed role as a full service, “one stop shop” for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen, in a region where consumer demand is substantial.


We will strive to do this in a warm welcoming environment where everyone from eager beginners to wise veterans of the outdoors will feel welcome and wish to return regularly.


J & B Outdoors will set itself apart form it's competitors, by offering top notch customer service in a friendly, welcoming manner from folks who know what they are talking about. 


J & B Outdoors’ will focus on covering four primary retail needs in the region.  These include; full service firearms department, archery pro shop and range, hunting gear, fishing tackle and accessories.  We will have other outdoor related products to meet the needs of our customers including some specialized apparel, camping gear, and more.  


We will accomplish this out of our 6900 sq. ft. building located at 2722 S. Leonard Rd. in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The facility is being remodeled top to bottom including new asphalt on the parking lot and landscaping.  It will have a staff of 4 full time employees including; firearms sales, archery pro, gunsmith, and a retail sales manager. 


J & B Outdoors is owned by J & B Outdoors LLC, a limited liability company with two members, Bruce Schmitter and Jeff Leonard.  

Jeff Leonard is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelors Degree in Recreation with emphasis on Facilities Management. 


Jeff has been an Outdoor Writer/Photographer for the St. Joseph News Press and has held this position for over 6 years.  He also does freelance work for several magazines including Missouri Game and Fish.  Prior to that he spent a large majority of his career working as a Park Ranger.

Jeff has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life. He has hunted all over Northwest Missouri and North America for everything from turkey, deer, upland birds and waterfowl to whitetails, elk, black bears and wild hogs.  He has fished for walleyes in Minnesota and Canada, a variety of saltwater species in the Caribean and Gulf of Mexico, trout in the clear mountain streams of Montana, and routinely fishes competitive bass tournaments here in the Midwest.  

Bruce Schmitter is a graduate of Northeast Missouri State University, now Truman State University, with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing.  Bruce has spent the last eighteen years working for the Grace Companies, located in Phoenix, Arizona and St. Joseph, Missouri.


Bruce grew up in rural northeast Missouri where he began hunting and fishing at a young age guided by his father and grandfather.  An avid hunter, he has had the privileges of hunting almost every species available in the Midwest and has enjoyed archery trips to Canada and the western states.  In addition he takes every opportunity to do a little deep sea fishing in the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii