13 June 2019
On the doorsteps of another Father's Day, I question if modern Father's are doing their part to pass on our love of hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.
07 June 2019
Recent flooding has left many outdoor folks with the "doldrums"! We'd love to be fishing on the river or your favorite farm pond but getting your boat on the water isn't safe and the tractor trail to the pond is just patiently waiting to bury your truck to it's axles in mud! So what do you do when life gives you lemons? You go bowfishing! Bowfishing is somewhat of an enigma in outdoor pursuits. Contrary to it's name you're not really fishing at all......it's more like a spot and stalk or ambush...
23 May 2019
When it comes to pocket knives you have lots of choices from traditional to quick deploying auto-openers.
17 May 2019
Flooding has put a major dampener on catching big cats on the Missouri River but when it returns...things may just be better than ever!